Welcome To FarslowFotos.com

Everyone has pictures, boxes of pictures, albums of pictures, bags of pictures and these days, hard drives full of pictures. I have all of those things but what good are they if no one ever gets to see them? I believe the purpose of making an image is to share it and my intention here at FarslowFotos is to make the best of those images available for your enjoyment.

The images range from small insects to panoramic views but never the less they are of ordinary scenes. These are scenes that many of us pass by every day without ever paying much attention. They're the simple things, a hawk in flight, a rushing waterfall, a flower or the foliage in the fall.

LighthouseI'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, after your visit, you'll look at the world around you a little more closely and with a little bit more appreciation for the beauty it holds.

Please take some time and visit the new image galleries and, if you're so inclined, leave a comment and let me what you think.

Take your time and enjoy!


A varied collection

Landscapes, waterfalls, macros or close ups, whatever might have suited my fancy on a given day. I've tried to select the best of those images to present to you here.

Redtail Hawk

Not to worry, the site won't be filled with personal images of family and friends slipped in to bore you, that wasn't the intent behind the creation of FarslowFotos.